This past year, with the help of our donors…

We trained

50 medical providers in immigration advocacy, so that they can better assist individuals in immigration detention who are in need of healthcare.

We taught 20,600 community members how to organize for change.

We preserved State-funded Medicaid for 44,000 DACA recipients.

We provided $1 million in direct benefits to 22,000 New Yorkers.


with nonprofits on immigration with our special guide outlining best practices for nonprofits when assisting and protecting immigrant clients.

We mobilized

900 attorneys at 80 firms to support 402 nonprofits and 1.5 million clients.

We removed

toxic light fixtures from New York City schools. New York City certified compliance with all terms of our settlement agreement, removing hundreds of thousands of toxic light fixtures from nearly 900 schools, at $100 million less than budgeted.

We won a new Asthma Trigger Law (Intro385C) to help ensure healthier housing.


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