Rick Perry pick for Energy Department sends red flag for environment and climate change

December 15, 2016

Environmental Justice, Legislative, Uncategorized

Huntley Power Plant

NYLPI is extremely disappointed to hear that President-Elect Donald J. Trump has selected Rick Perry to lead the U.S. Department of Energy – an agency Perry has previously said he would like to eliminate. The Trump Administration has now given several key government roles to leaders and allies of the extractive fossil fuel industry, several of whom, like Perry, conveniently deny the existence of climate change. These steps threaten frontline environmental justice communities, who are most vulnerable to the effects of a warming planet, in the United States and around the world. But Perry and other Trump appointees will be working against the tide, which has been turning away from the most carbon-intensive fuels and steadily toward renewable energy. In fact, as governor of Texas Perry recognized the economic benefits of supporting investments in wind power throughout his state. We hope that he will allow the Department of Energy to continue its important work supporting the development of renewable energy sources around the country. States and local governments already have recognized the economic and job-creation potential of renewable energy, and NYLPI will continue to work with our partners to advocate a move away from a fossil fuel-based economy and toward an inclusive, sustainable renewable energy economy.

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