Why Pro Bono?

Why Pro Bono?

We want you to join us.

Thousands of nonprofit and community based organizations in New York City provide necessary assistance to low income people. Often operating with limited financial resources, these vital groups do not have the funds to hire lawyers. By donating your expertise and skills, you will be supporting the important work of these organizations. In addition, NYLPI’s Clearinghouse provides opportunities for direct representation, as well as opportunities to teach nonprofit leaders about corporate legal issues and opportunities to publish work on these same topics.

Through your work with us you will:

  • Be part of the public interest community
  • Gain valuable skills and learn about new areas of the law
  • Work closely with clients and expand your professional network
  • Help communities through your legal expertise
  • Help correct societal wrongs
  • Work to fulfill the law’s commitment to social justice

The value of NYLPI’s Pro Bono Clearinghouse is:

  • We have relationships with hundreds of organizations in need of litigation and transactional assistance
  • We will help connect you with people who will benefit from your skills
  • We provide opportunities to connect with like-minded, public-interested people
  • You can learn from our in-house experts about the issues facing the underrepresented in our community

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