Help for New Non-Profits

Help for New Non-Profits

About us

For more than three decades, NYLPI’s Pro Bono Clearinghouse has helped nonprofit organizations with their legal needs by matching them with the formidable skills of attorneys at New York’s largest law firms and corporate law departments. These pro bono matches ensure that organizations in need receive critical legal assistance and allow volunteer attorneys receive assignments that enhance their skills and connect them with work that matters. Cases include both litigation and transactional work, and the groups we serve focus on green space, housing, health care, education, youth and much more. In our most successful matches, the relationship between a firm and a nonprofit client continues long after NYLPI makes a connection.


Who We Help

To qualify for legal assistance, the Pro Bono Clearinghouse requires new organizations to demonstrate strength and viability in three key areas: finances; mission and programming; governance, management and staffing. By working with groups that demonstrate organizational sustainability, NYLPI can ensure that the clients we match are ready to receive legal help and can make the most out of the client-attorney relationship we create. It also ensures that attorneys have the chance to contribute to an organization that is positioned for success. In accordance with our mission, we generally work with organizations that help under-served people or communities.

Please gather all required information and submit to Annamaria Santamaria at

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