NYPD Agrees to Provide Equitable, Accessible Transportation to People Who Are Arrested, Who Use Wheelchairs

August 17, 2017

Disability Justice, Media Coverage, News

NYPD car

NYLPI, with co-counsel Mayer Brown, announces today that it settled a federal court lawsuit against the City of New York to provide accessible police transportation for people who use wheelchairs at the time of their arrest.

NYLPI filed an Amended Complaint in May 2016 on behalf of Robert Filer. This lawsuit alleged that for many years the New York City Police Department repeatedly arrested people who use wheelchairs in a dangerous and discriminatory manner, by failing to use accessible vehicles when transporting them. Individuals who have mobility disabilities have repeatedly sued the New York City Police Department over the past decade, alleging that they were transported in an inaccessible way or forcibly removed from their wheelchairs at the time of arrest.

Mr. Filer filed this action to compel the New York City Police Department to provide safe and accessible vehicles and services for all individuals who use wheelchairs. He has succeeded in his goal.

Read the Amended Complaint here.

Read the NY Daily News coverage here.

Read the Amsterdam News coverage here.

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