NYLPI Statement on Nomination of Tom Price as Secretary of HHS

November 29, 2016

Health Justice

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U.S. Rep. Tom Price as the head of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services would be detrimental to America’s health. With a dismal history of supporting policies that benefit the healthcare industry and the wealthy, Price’s appointment threatens the health of millions of Americans. This includes the 55 million people on Medicare, 10 million with disabilities, 65 million on Medicaid, 8.4 million children on the Children’s Health Insurance Program, and 20 million people who have gained coverage through the ACA. But the negative impact of his appointment would not stop there; it would also jeopardize youth being able to access health coverage through their parents’ plans, people with pre-existing conditions being able to keep coverage, millions of women being able to access free or low-cost contraception, and millions of women receiving preventative and essential care from Planned Parenthood. The health of nearly half of the American population is at stake—people depend on these programs to live healthy lives. We need a champion for the people in Washington.

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