Council Testimony on For-Hire Vehicle Accessibility

October 15, 2018

Access-a-Ride Reform Group, Disability Justice, For-Hire Vehicles, Legislative

Image of a cell phone being used to hail an accessible for-hire-vehicle ride in New York

NYLPI director of organizing and strategic research Justin Wood delivered testimony on accessibility in the for-hire vehicle industry this morning. The industry continues to openly discriminate against New Yorkers with disabilities, and wheelchair users in particular, by refusing to provide accessible vehicles and accessible service equal to the service those companies provide to other New Yorkers. You can read Mr. Wood’s testimony in full by clicking here.

A NYLPI report published earlier this year found that Uber and Lyft fail to provide accessible vehicles to wheelchair users 70% of the time they are requested. You can read more about that report by clicking here.

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Advocates for Persons with Disabilities File Amicus Brief Demanding Compliance with Accessibility Regulations of New York City “For-Hire Vehicles” The brief underscores the difficulties faced by New Yorkers with disabilities in accessing public transportation.
NYLPI Joins Taxis for All Campaign in Support of Intro. 144-A to Permit Additional For-Hire Vehicle Licenses ONLY if They are for Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicles Uber says capping its numbers would "strand" New Yorkers, even though it strands New Yorkers with disabilities every day by offering next to no wheelchair-accessible service.

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