Mental Health Matters

Mental Health Matters

Through litigation, individual advocacy, community education and coordination with policy makers, we work to address the lack of community based residential and outpatient mental health services with people with mental illness. We also advocate both systemically and individually, to address abuse, neglect and poor conditions in facilities and programs serving people with mental illness. Representative efforts include litigations such as:

  • Brad H.
    The long-running class action to compel New York City to provide adequate discharge planning for inmates with mental illness. The case seeks to require New York City to facilitate access to care for former jail inmates after their release into the community.
  • Disability Advocates Incorporated v. Pataki
    A Federal case that addresses conditions in adult homes and compels the State to offer adult home residents with mental illness the chance to live in more integrated, decent housing if they are willing and able.
  • Edwin T.
    Challenges the Office of Mental Health practice of discharging individuals with mental illness to nursing homes where they reside for years with inadequate services in a highly restrictive and segregated setting.

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