Institutional Racism & Health Care Services

Institutional Racism & Health Care Services

Racial and ethnic minorities continue to face pervasive discrimination in the health care system. Disparities in access and health outcomes for racial and ethnic minorities are regularly documented. NYLPI strives to ensure that health care is available on a non-discriminatory basis.

In June 2008, NYLPI filed a complaint with the New York State Office of the Attorney General on behalf of our community partner, Bronx Health REACH, challenging the segregation of patients on the basis of insurance type and race in three major medical centers in the city. The complaint alleges that patients using Medicaid benefits are treated in separate sections of the hospital from privately insured patients and do not receive the same quality or types of services, resulting in a disparate impact on the basis of race and national origin. In addition to the legal complaint, NYLPI and Bronx Health REACH are engaging in extensive community education and organizing to raise awareness about the problem of separate and unequal health care delivery. The goal of the campaign is to improve and increase access to high-quality outpatient care for low-income communities of color.

NYLPI is also working with Bronx Health REACH to build a legislative campaign to end racial and ethnic disparities in health care, mandate improved collection or race, ethnicity and primary language data, and identify legal and regulatory barriers and inform policy makers of necessary policy changes.

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