2014-2015 AT A GLANCE

2014 At A Glance

Medical-Symbol-free-vector 500,000 eligible New Yorkers will have access to health insurance in a language they understand.
hospital11 Thousands of womenin North Central Bronx can now access safe, quality maternity care at their local hospital.


60,000 Brentwood residents

are directing the removal of 50,000 tons of toxic debris that were illegally dumped in their community park.

Social_and_communication-09-512 More than 3,800 New Yorkers with mental illness will live independently with the services they need to succeed in the community.

2014: Stories of Justice

Thanks to our generous donors, NYLPI’s efforts have led to many victories benefiting millions of New Yorkers. Our Executive Director McGregor Smyth and other community members highlight the success NYLPI saw in 2014.

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Join us in pursuit of
justice for all New Yorkers.
Shemmy and I like to support organizations that we know are having a real-life impact on the communities they serve, particularly when those communities are close to home…we know very well that NYLPI’s clients benefit from the critical legal services they receive, services that not only improve the lives of NYLPI’s clients, but of all of the residents of our City. Through its community partnerships, NYLPI targets the issues that city residents are focused on, and addresses them in an efficient and practical way and we are proud to support that work.”
– Jennifer Colyer and Shemmy Mishaan
Dear Attorneys Navin, Kelly & Mindy: WE DID IT! Thank you again.”
– Banetta Grant
The public as a whole benefits from [NYLPI’s] work…NYLPI does a great job of leveraging talent and resources by partnering with others. NYLPI achieves visible results that make NYC a better place to live and work. In addition, NYLPI gives lawyers in New York great opportunities to have a positive impact on their communities – often in areas that they may know nothing about.”
– William McCabe


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