Health in Immigration Detention

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Thousands of immigrant New Yorkers receive abysmal health care in immigrant detention facilities in and around the City. Through NYLPI’s 2017 Detained and Denied report and ongoing investigation, we have documented this growing human rights crisis – denials of vital treatment, delayed surgeries, missed life-threatening diagnoses, and horrendous surgical errors. Conditions will only worsen with recent spikes in immigration enforcement. We represent individual clients to improve healthcare in the facilities; secure volunteer physicians to provide medical reviews and consultations; and document patterns of deplorable conditions. Our cutting-edge constitutional and civil rights litigation against detention facilities challenges the failure to provide adequate medical care. Our growing network of volunteer medical providers reviews medical records from immigration detention centers and drafts advocacy letters for release, bond, and better medical care through our Medical-Legal Community Partnership. Our individual cases inform our systemic strategies, in partnership with community-based organizations and those people who are directly affected.

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