ACT for Health Justice

January 10, 2017

Health Justice, Immigrant Justice

Human Rights Watch's Systemic Indifference Report featuring a man in a detention suit, within barbed wire shaped like a medical cross

Join our Health Justice Staff Attorney, Sarika Saxena, as she discusses an innovative new community lawyering model that she is implementing in our UndocuCare project. Working alongside Disability Rights Advocate, Michelle Kraus, and talented law student, Ricky He, 3L at CUNY Law School, our Schulte, Roth, Zabel Fellow, Noran Elzarka, 2L at CUNY Law School, and Rachel Shuman, Columbia School of Social Work student, the team created a group lawyering workshop, named “Accessing Community Together for Health Justice,” or “A.C.T. for Health Justice.”

In the past 2 years, Sarika has been leading the project to connect immigrant New Yorkers with health coverage, which will likely face challenges under the new administration. NYPLI is gearing up to work with clients and communities to creatively counter the upcoming challenges. Register here to discuss innovative approaches to resist and make clear that we’re #HeretoStay!

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